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Why BPM?

Once upon a time, a party goer in London asked me if I did weddings; I cringed inside and responded with, “Sorry, I’m not a wedding DJ!”

Wedding DJs always made me think of the classic “DJ Steve” – that mobile DJ at birthdays and weddings who had lost all reality of the current music scene.

After I played at my first wedding, I realised that ‘the millennial couple’ actually want the city club experience that they enjoy most weekends with their friends….

….and so came the birth of BPM. I am not a “wedding DJ” in the traditional sense. I am an accomplished DJ who regularly plays in the UK’s hottest nightclubs and bars.

With me, you can expect a skilfully mixed set – open format, to cover all genres – and a dapper DJ to get your guests dancing all night. I tailor-make all my sets for each event to suit your music taste.