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India & David Wedding

Hawarden Castle Wales, September 2019

I love a good road trip! 4 hours drive to Wales. I had never been to Wales before and wow, check out the beautiful rolling hills, picturesque countryside and err.. lots of sheep!

The wedding was for India and David at Hawarden castle. I did a cheeky search into the history of the castle and found that it had once been home to a former UK prime minister! They also host “The Good Life Experience” in the castle grounds, which is a mini festival that attracts thousands of people with big name DJs like Trevor Nelson so I was a bit nervous…but hey.. if you listen to my mixes you’d know that Trevor ain’t got nothin’ on me!

When I arrived, I was in awe of the castle. It was huge! The grounds were beautifully kept and the marquee looked like a million dollars. I was greeted by India’s dad, Charles, who is also a DJ along with his sons. He was really down to earth and we hit it off from the moment I arrived. Speakers and lights were already set up for me so that was awesome! I simply needed to plug in and play (that’s every travelling DJ’s dream – no heavy carrying, just getting down straight to it!).

As the guests started to arrive, 99.9% of them were young, trendy and exceptionally good-looking! I knew it was gonna be a great night. The food was amazing! At most weddings the DJ gets fed but not quite like this – I was properly stuffed!

The first dance was really beautiful. It was an intimate moment with a few tears in the crowd, which made it hard for me to pick the next song. As a DJ, you want to carry forward the emotions into something good, a song that everyone knows so that they are motivated to join the bride and groom on the dance floor. So I kept it safe with a follow up of “Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars”. You can never go wrong with that – everyone loves a bit of Bruno! When the crowd started singing along, that’s when I went into ‘beast mode’ and dropped some real classic bangers!

India’s dad took over the decks half way through. He was proper old school – mixing on vinyl and hands in the air type vibes. Charles and the boys played some classic hits and got the crowd going! Meanwhile, I disappeared off to find some cake…

I continued DJing past my finishing time – I mean, these guys knew how to party! Two hours later, I let the youthful guests take over the decks and I retired back to my hotel.

India and David @ Hawarden Castle Wales
September 2019