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Sarah & Luke Wedding

Hawarden Castle Wales, September 2019

Sarah and Luke’s wedding was at Middle Temple Hall in central London which won best luxury wedding venue in 2019. A little history lesson for you: Middle Temple was established in the 13th century and was home to the Knights Templar. Kings and queens have since dined in the great hall.

When I first got the timings and program for the wedding I thought, wow! Three different musicians, a flash mob, an amazing venue and they wanted a ‘proper DJ’ (that’s me!) to finish things off, rather than a conventional wedding DJ.

I arrived nice and early and was greeted by the lovely Holly from Revelry Events. I set up the PA in the beautiful courtyard. For the ceremony, I provided a lapel mic for the groom as well as the officiant and a cordless mic for the readings and announcements. Ben Noke was the pianist doing the entrance and exit music so I managed the sound levels.

I then set up a separate PA in the main hall for the speeches and background music. It was a pretty big space so I took my time to get the acoustics just right. I’m a bit of perfectionist you see!

After dinner and speeches, pianist Ben Noke played some smooth jams in warm up to the Gaelic band. The band were really good! They got the whole crowd up and dancing in circles doing some classic Scottish moves.

10pm struck, the dance floor cleared and a surprise flash mob stepped in to steal the show, followed by the bride and groom’s first dance #smooth! Then Ben Noke followed with an up-beat solo piano set accompanied by some crazy foot percussion! Classic sing-alongs and motown echoed around the venue. As I started to get ready for my set, I could feel the anticipation! These guests were fired up and ready to go! I had lots of fun chopping and changing from one banger to another and kept the energy up until the very end.

This wedding was a non-stop party, literally all night – one of my best DJ sets of 2019! I received a hearty applause from the guests and a fantastic review from Sarah and Luke.

I love my job!

Sarah and Luke @ Middle Temple Hall, London
July 2019